About Us

Tayler Portrait Tayler Rogers

Redefining self-care, one jar a time.

Midnight Paloma products are made in Vancouver by hand, in small batches (with lots of love)

Founder Tayler Rogers has used her 12 year retail experience to curate and develop everything Midnight Paloma embodies today: unique scent blends, clean ingredients in modern, giftable packaging.

After co-owning a beauty focused boutique, she transitioned her love of product development and design into the first collection of self-care staples. Dedicated to hero ingredients, our products are multipurpose based, thoughtfully curated and most importantly free of chemical preservatives, toxic and are vegan + cruelty free.

Canadian made, female owned and operated. Midnight Paloma thrives on creating a connected community that is inclusive and focused on the eco-conscious lifestyle.